Worried about negative energies or paranormal activity in your home?

Many houses, offices and other buildings can carry a negative energy in some or all areas, manifesting as a "cold" or "unsettling" place of discomfort or, in extreme cases, as "ghost" or "poltergeist" activity. This can be a result of severe emotional and psychic stress, which becomes embedded into the fabric of the area.

Our Houses Can Be Sick
Our houses can become sick just as our bodies can. They become filled with non-beneficial energies. There may be streams of noxious energies which flow through our house which can cause illness and dis-ease. Our electrical appliances emit damaging energies. Emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, etc. can get caught in our homes causing the people who live there to be depressed or fight more.

Negative Vibrations
Our houses and offices can become filled with negative, non-beneficial energy. This energy is produced by the thoughts and words of people. Angry words, fearful thoughts, depression and other emotions can become stuck in the room where they were expressed. This is why you can walk into a room where an argument just occurred and feel the tension in the air.

House Won't Sell?
If your house is filled with negative or noxious energy, it can sit on the market forever without selling. If the home does not feel safe, comfortable and inviting, no one will want to buy it. Houses sell more on how they feel than what they look like. Spiritually Cleansing your house and removing the non-beneficial energies can help your house to sell quicker.

We also provide cleansing and "blessing" for new houses and other properties, providing a safe and positive environment.

For further details please call:
Lynn on 020 8394 1156 or Steve on 07760 363715





Hi Mariea and Lynn,

Hope you are both well and got back safe :)
It was a delight to meet you both again at my sister's (Bali Sangha-
Jenkins) house two weeks ago. From time to time I think of you both
"the angles from Surrey", as you travel across United Kingdom helping
the needy to lead a more tranquil, positive and happy life.

Back in February 2012, my life changed for the better.  

It was a Saturday morning and my Mother had invited two ladies from 

Surrey to join the family for lunch, I heard from my elder sister, 


Mariea and Lynn were Healers, psychics and believers of the next 


I have never had good experiences with psychics I've tried a handful
when I was in need of some direction in life, they always for certain
left me rather confused and feeling empty. Having no expectations I met
Mariea and Lynn for the first time that Saturday morning.

Through out the morning they wondered through the house and in the
garden talking about cold spots, ley lines, negative energies and
solutions. As I watched them they were very specific, said things that
only the immediate family members would know such as; violent
behaviour, constant shouting, illness and segregation my Brother's
family from my mother and the family.
Within an one and half hour, Mariea and Lynn had cleansed the house,
usually the house felt warm without the heating been on and the doors
open. I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt like a weight had been
lifted…perhaps it reads rather silly but it is 100% true.

Before meeting Mariea and Lynn I was out of work for 18 months,
struggling, feeling deflated and like a loser. Now, with my Mother's
house cleaned of negative energy, ley lines and most importantly
protected. I and my Mother are experiencing a new positive life, better
health and success.

To Mariea and Lynn; "Angels from Surrey and the gate keepers of the
spirit world." from my Mother, myself and my family I would like to
express billions of heart felt thank you for your help. May god descend
happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to you and your family.

Mrs. D Kaur, Pamela, Sonia, Bali and the family