It is important to be aware that Spiritual healing is not Spiritualism. Spiritual healing is a therapy, whilst Spiritualism is a religion, comparable with any of the world's principal religions.

 The dictionary defines the word 'spiritual' as follows: "Of spirit, as opposed to matter; of the soul, especially as acted upon by God; of, proceeding from, God, holy, divine, inspired".

The word 'Spiritual' used in conjunction with healing, i.e. Spiritual healing, is simply a descriptive adjective to denote the type of healing it is.

Spiritual healing comes from God and is therefore, divine healing.  As it comes from God, who is the Creator of us all regardless of our race or religion, it follows that spiritual healing is not the prerogative of any particular religion but is His great gift to all the human family. All  the leading healing organisations of this country have members who are practising Spiritual healers of all denominations.

A Spiritual healer is simply a channel or instrument, through whom spiritual energies flow when working,whether it be contact or absent healing.  

Spiritual healing helps one to realise their spiritual nature and raise awareness of the immortality of the soul.

Trance Healing:

Trance is a form of an altered state of consciousness and it is accepted that many levels of trance exist.  The most common form of medumship is light trance, or overshadowing, in which the medium is fully aware of what is being done and/or said.

In the deeper trance states, the medium is not normally aware of what is happening, being done or said.  They are in a state described as 'sleep like' and are unable to influence any part of the proceedings.  The Spirit working through the medium has full control of voice and movement. 
This state is a special partnership between the medium and their Spirit Guide where a strong bond of mutual trust and respect has been developed over many years.

Although not recognised by law, trance healing has been, and continues to be an integral part of Spiritualism and Spiritual Healing.