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Lynn Rose

International Medium, Teacher, Counselor & Healer.

Registered healer, working medium, spirit rescue and teacher. 

Working internationally as well as all over the UK. 

I work in Gran Canaria, Portugal, Madeira and Ireland amongst other countries but the above are common places I visit and work.

I am a member and on the committee of Walton on Thames Spiritualist Church. 

Click here for information on Walton on Thames Spiritualist Church.

2020 testimonials

Lynn truly is one of a kind and I would not hesitate in recommending her, she is extremely genuine and honest yet sensitive to the situation. Her knowledge and experience is immense and fascinating.

For over a year I was having problems with my house, it did not feel right but also things inside it kept going wrong or breaking. I was also constantly tried and completely drained of energy and could not understand why. Lynn was recommended to me and as soon as she walked in the door, she knew exactly what the problem was. She spent time with me cleansing my house from top to bottom, the sense of relief I felt was overwhelming. It is hard to put into words but by the time Lynn left I could actually feel a change in energy not only in the house but in myself as well. The house now feels bright and happy, things are no longer going wrong or breaking and I am no longer drained of energy. A few weeks later Lynn called me, just as a follow up to see how I was which I thought was lovely and shows that she cares about her clients and wants to help.

I went to revisit Lynn a few weeks ago for reading. Before I went to see her, I sat quietly and asked for a specific person come through and answer a certain question. This person came through straight away and also told Lynn the exact answer that I wanted to know.

I could not be a stronger advocate of Lynn.                                                                    Stacy 2020

Lynn Rose is an exceptional medium!

She tells it like it is so please do not expect sugar coating!

She is just amazing and you really ought to give her a try as she will not disappoint! Your love ones come through to give advice and to help you on this earth. I cannot recommend this lovely lady enough!

                                                                                                                                  Gaylie 2020